standard Choosing Product Names For Recognition Results



One of the things you need to be very sensitive to is how you select your product names.  You have to be careful on different fronts so that your business has a well-maintained reputation and grows with time.

Many amazing products have not lived to see a successful day because of their poorly selected name.  And many products took the market by storm just because they had a catchy name.

Here is an article about product names and how to choose the best product names.  It is very important to understand that the names you choose are the first line of branding your company.

Product names play a vital role in molding the public’s perception about your company and what vision you have for your company.  It should embody the main purpose and benefit given to the client by the product.

And while doing that, if the names can beat your rival’s product of the same category, that’s even better.  But how to choose perfect product names is a big question and here is a list of basic tips to choose the best names for your products.

Stay Unique

If you are competing against a packed market, the best way to make an impression on your client’s minds is through unique product names.  For instance, let’s talk about search engines.

In the beginning, AOL Search, Netscape Search, and MSN Search, they all had their uptime when the competition was not too high.  When Google entered the rivalry race with a better working mechanism and an easier name, they all had to suffer.

If you want another example in the same category, Yahoo and Bing are still enjoying some good profits when it comes to recognition via the name of a product.

Keep The Product Names Simple

Here a scenario.  You are enjoying yourself with your friends and you want to mention an amazing product that you used recently but you realize that you can’t pronounce its name properly.  Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?

Probably, you might not use the product again or forget about it as such product names never last long in the client’s memory and they eventually fade away.

This causes the company to lose its potential customers and hence they never earn good profits.  All because they chose the wrong product names.

It’s not always the name.  Sometimes, the pronunciation of the name also causes mix-ups.  And if there is a tongue twister, people have been found to avoid asking for them on store counters as well.

The best way to select a name for a product is to keep it simple, and easy to pronounce.  Also, remember, and most importantly, it should not have many syllables.

Resonating Product Names Are Not Bad Either

Suppose you want to select a longer name for your product but are looking for the right formula.  Here is what you need to do.  First of all, maintain the resonance.  Take Coca Cola, it has 4 syllables and yet they are easy to pronounce.

Second, make sure that they are fun to pronounce as well.  Take Downtown Disney.  Easy to remember, fun to say, and takes a mouthful of pronunciation.

That’s the easiest formula to come up with long product names that are good for business.

You Should Avoid Abbreviations If You Can

Product names with abbreviations are, yes, sometimes easy to remember, but they lose the charm and branding power.  If you want to consider IBM, BMW, or MCI, then you must realize the fact that they took decades to reach where they are now.

They utilized each and every opportunity to promote themselves, and all while having a little rivalry.

So, if you decide to go with an abbreviation, keep the hard work done by these brands.  Let’s throw KFC in the mix as well.  You must have heard his story of how he had to struggle to make KFC into a brand right?

Your Product Names Should Speak Profit

How?  It’s rather very simple.  The name of your product should be able to communicate with your client and invite him to benefit from the product itself just through the name.

Even if you want abbreviation in the name, make it worthwhile.  Lets talk examples so that you can understand more.

Silk – A combination of the word “Soy” and “Milk”

Snapple – “Spice” and “Apple”

To put things into better perspective, here is another name that you might have heard and is so self-explanatory that the client will automatically understand what the product does.

It’s “Miracle Grow”.

Never Translate The Product Names

It’s better we dive into practical examples.  The famous car manufacturers Chevrolet had to rename their car “Nova” for the Spanish people. why? Because in Spanish, the word Nova means “Doesn’t Go”.

Need more examples of bad names for products?

Fiat, everybody knows Fiat right?  They made a car and named it “UNO” but the car was not selling in Finland.  The reason was researched and it was found out that UNO is literally the Finnish word for “Garbage”.

Protect Your Image

Remember!  If you have been working hard like other companies, it makes total sense that you stay careful while selecting the names of products.  Rolls Royce, the world-renowned car company changes the name of their latest car from “Silver Mist” to “Silver Line”.

Reason?  In German, the word mist is used for manure.  Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are a legendary and renowned company.  You must always be careful while choosing product names.

Make Your Product Names Legal

When you have selected your best names, it only makes sense to get them legalized.  Hire a good lawyer so that they get you the legal rights of the names.  Also, so that you don’t accidentally end up copying someone else’s product names.


To wrap it up, it goes like this.  Try to avoid abbreviations in product names and keep them easy and simple so that people can remember them.

Don’t go for tongue twisters because people don’t like to spend time on counters trying to remember a name.  If you want longer product names, make sure it has easy syllables and is smooth to pronounce.