standard Choose A Blogging Model For Your Ideal Online Business


Are you interested in blogging as your ideal online business?  If yes, then this article will guide you as I am going to discuss several business models you can choose for your blogging business.  What is more, if you would love to do blogging, then you can get your blog business going strong in a short time.

Indeed, entrepreneurial blogging has been around many years.  Actually, blogs have been in the business since the existence of the internet.  Furthermore, for creating an ideal online business, blogging plays a crucial role through instant publishing to share ideas and information.

A list of business models that exist on the internet for a new blogging business

  • Sales blog
  • Affiliate blog
  • Blog network
  • Service blog
  • Web publisher blog

There aren’t any blog model rules in the blogging business.  With that in mind, you may see that another model can generate you more income.  At that time, just remember you can change your business model whenever you want.

However, each of these business models is an ideal online business.  These models have made a six-figure revenue for many bloggers online.  Let’s discuss how these models work:

Ideal online business – Sales blog

The blogs started by an offline company are called Sales blogs.  When any offline company starts blogging, then its purpose of these blogs is to sell their products.

If you have a running business, then an entrepreneurial blog can be your marketing tool for your business.  For example, you may have products like a DVD, eBook, artwork, or anything.  At that point, the Sales blog is an excellent business model for your ideal online business to sell your products.

In contrast, if you do not have any business, then find products you know about or buy products from others and sell them on your blog.

In this step, your local phone book can be helpful to find manufacturing companies where you can get products which you can resell at a profit.

Undeniably, there are many online wholesaling companies available for your ideal online business.

However, you can deal with local suppliers which has the advantage of lower shipping prices.  Furthermore, being nearby, you can check the quality of the product you are selling.  Therefore, with lower shipping prices, your blog business will make more money.

Affiliate blog

Affiliate marketing is a quick way to offer services and products without creating them by yourself.  Being that, affiliate programs are developed by those businesses which can recruit thousands of people to sell their product with little expense.

The appeal of affiliate programs to affiliate bloggers is that they promote the product to their reader and get a commission on each sale they make.  Many affiliate products have high commissions that make it worthwhile for an ideal online business.

You may want to create an affiliate blog.  Then, before you start blogging, go for the selection of products which you wish to sell.  The reason is when you start out searching for the products, you will get to know about great products which you can promote.  Also, you can discover whether or not they will be profitable.

On the other hand, you directly make your way to blogging.  In that case, you might lose motivation when you find no product to sell.  Or, the product you may sell would be so common that you cannot write anything new about that.

Ideal online business – Blog network

It is a network formed by a group of Web publishers.  In the blog network, they get their income through advertisement.  Moreover, hundreds of members depend on the interests and goals of the blog network owner.

Therefore, your goal should be to establish your mission statement for the blog network if you want to develop a blog network business.

Also, it would be best if you have a precise, logical plan of how and where blogs will be added to your network, and how you will build the income stream(s).

Service blog

Just like the sales blog sells products, the service blog sells services.  In this model, you can create your blog to provide the services you have to your customer, or you can sell the services of other people by using your blog.

You may sell a service.  Afterward, it is challenging to stand apart in the crowd where thousands of entrepreneur are selling the same service.  But, a blog can make it easy to do that.  For example, if you are a dance coach, then you can write good content to attract lots of new business.

In this way, you can get additional income when you advertise another product or website on your blog.

Web publisher blog

Web publisher blogs have the same features as a magazine has, including a lot of advertising.  That being so, it is the online equal to a magazine.  In this business model, compelling content is essential since it is the only key through which you entice advertisers to have ads on your blog.

Choosing a Web publisher blog as your business model is an excellent idea.  Overall, there is an abundance of magazines published every year.  Hence, pick out a few magazines that appeal to you.

Focus on magazines published monthly.  Indeed, they usually have one or two stories that can be dedicated to pulling in advertisers.  So, keep in mind the editorial calendar is published ahead of the year.  Advertisers can then be lined up in advance for advertising in particular issues.

Ideal online business – Conclusion

At the moment, you have a variety of blogging models to choose from for your ideal online business.  Thus, you have the information you need to decide which blog model can fulfill your business goals.  You can now start creating your ideal online business.  You only need time, courage, and determination to get started.