standard Best Article Marketing Directories For High Authority Backlinks


It is well known that high authority backlinks relevant to your site will drive more traffic to your website. First, you need to find a highly reputable article directory that allows you to create the necessary high authority backlinks. However, a quick search online will reveal that not all article directories permit this feature.

Ezine Articles

One of the most prominent article marketing directories which you may have already heard about is Ezine Articles allows you to post your content online while benefiting from using high authority backlinks on the site. You can become established as an authority in your niche by posting content on Ezine Articles.


Another notable article marketing directory is This site allows you to redirect traffic to your site by submitting articles  which will give you high authority backlinks. On Buzzle, you can create a hyperlink under the author’s name which links back to your site. You stand to benefit immensely by posting articles on Buzzle for high authority backlinks. This is because it is ranked among the top ten article directories online. This ranking can make your site popular.

It is important to note that the article directories mentioned above have individual yet specific rules. These are rules that guide posting articles and how you use the site. Moreover, you should always read and understand the terms of service to adhere to the rules. Always do this before proceeding to submit your articles.

It’s a great deal. You can post your articles on the article directories for free. In addition, you can take advantage of the site’s reputation and established ranking. These factors allow you to use high authority backlinks to your advantage.

Article Cube

Another remarkable article directory that you can consider is On this site, users can post their profile pictures. Posting your pictures increases the level of trust and confidence in marketers. The public readers will feel comfortable enough to contact the author. This is a good way to generate leads. In addition, you can include backlinks in the author’s box when you post articles.

Article City

Finally, you could check out It is an article directory that offers you the opportunity to post your backlinks. You can also post added information regarding your business. Some article directories are not as liberal as Article City considering the fact that your content can be used by other visitors.

Web Pro News

Many article directories implement strict guidelines for submission. Thus, the scope of the content you can post is narrowed down to particular niches. This is what you will experience with sites such as

You can choose to write articles or hire someone to create the content you post on article directories. It is a reliable way to increase the prominence of your name on the internet. In addition, creating high authority backlinks will increase the prominence of your site online. Especially, this will portray you as an expert in your niche.