standard Become A Web Host Reseller And Make Money Selling Web Hosting


Good news! There is a way to make money online that has become a money maker for many individuals. Yes, you can make money by selling web hosting online. Selling web hosting online is otherwise known as reseller hosting. Reseller hosting is an avenue where people become web hosts online and also generate income from selling web hosting. There is a  fascinating part of it all. You don’t have to purchase all the basics and services that comes with setting up a web hosting business. It’s relatively easy to do.

Today, a lot of Internet marketers are really making money by becoming a web host for web hosting companies. Furthermore, you can earn a constant monthly income from selling web hosting. Believe me, every webmaster on the Internet space needs this. It’s a great opportunity that doesn’t involve massive startup costs. Anyone can grab the opportunity today.

Understand you can sell private label hosting as your own

You can better understand with further explanation. This will help you in getting started with selling web hosting. The main idea of web hosting is selling the services of a web hosting company as your own. This is referred to as private labeling. Web hosting companies sell their web hosting services to you at a cheaper rate.

Then, you go ahead to sell the web hosting as your own at your desired price. You can start web hosting possibly with $20 per month. This literally means that you can own a complete web host service selling web hosting without having to spend any setup costs.

Even so, some of the companies that provide reseller web hosting carry out a vast majority of the work. They also carry out some of the technical work. In addition, they pledge full support for you, control your servers and even give your customers’ prices.

They do almost all the work for you and all you need to worry about is selling web hosting. You can contact web hosting companies and ask them directly for more information about the reseller program. Continue reading to learn more details of making money selling web hosting.

Be A Reliable Hosting Service Selling Web Hosting For Blogs

Blogging is the real deal now. It’s very hot. On a daily basis, the estimate of new blogs being started is about 40,000. Many of these have free hosting. At any rate, there are many bloggers and blogs who want to have control of their web hosting for their blogs and their domain name.

One fascinating fact about blogs is they do not require much disk space. They make do with just a little disk space and bandwidth allowance. Thereby, it makes it very easy for you to host many blogs using just a few resources. What’s more? You can set your price for your host services of selling web hosting.

Many successful bloggers you come across today have more than one blog. The reason is not farfetched. You can have more than one blog as it doesn’t demand much technical assistance. This makes it very easy and faster for you to grow your business. You can have good paying customers and not having to worry about cost/time demanding technical support.

You can target forums to sell your hosting

The question now is, how do you find the market for your blog web hosting service? I have a better answer for you. Forums! Use forums. Not just forums pertaining to blogging, but forums that will feature topics that are ideal for a blog. You will find many people on forums today who are looking to air their views on their interests and passion.

As such, you can easily set yourself to sell web hosting as a service needed for niche blogs. What you can do is target forums to sell web hosting. The ones which center on different subjects such as gardening, fashion, fishing and the likes. Posting on forums and providing helpful answers can without a doubt bring you good business. However, ensure you don’t post lies or make up stuff all in the name of getting good business.

Moreover, you should offer something that is not common if you really desire to make an influence with this particular type of service. Try something new. You can write an e-book that exposes the secrets of niche blogging. Then, make it a free gift for everyone that buys hosting from you.

You can also give your buyers unique blog contents for free. Then, they can use the content you give them on their blog. This free content could be given on a monthly basis after they have signed up for 6 to 12 months of hosting.

Create/Sell Turnkey Websites On ebay

This remains a preferred way of generating income from selling web hosting. People build turnkey websites that will be resold to interested people on eBay to make it simple.

Then, they charge the buyers a fixed monthly fee for hosting the site, they have purchased, on their web host service.

You will find people doing this on ebay. Go to ebay and check through the website for sale section. You might be surprised to see a website put up for sale for only a few dollars. I had a hard time comprehending how they make any money from the sale. I soon realized that they didn’t make any money from selling the business but they made money from the back end. They make it from the web hosting after the sale.

Add your hosting service for a profit

What they do is to create an appealing website. This is simple to do once you learn how. Then, take it to ebay to sell for a few dollars. Next, charge the interested buyer to host the site on your own hosting service. This is a completely acceptable way of selling web hosting. You just need to tell them beforehand that they must host their site on your web hosting service for a specified period of time.

Many individuals are selling 100 websites on eBay on a weekly basis. Then, selling web hosting for $10 on a monthly basis on average with each one. That comes to $1000 per week for websites.  But that’s not all. You get paid on a monthly basis for selling web hosting as long as the buyer continues using your web host service.

The income you will generate from this service is close to that which you can make from Internet marketing. You are paid on a monthly basis, regardless of you working or not, from selling web hosting. There are, currently, many people making substantial income from web hosting alone.

There are quite a number of ways to generate income from selling web hosting. Need I tell you that it’s a golden opportunity, an opportunity you don’t want to miss.