standard A Shopping Cart Guide For An Internet Business


Adding a shopping cart to your online website for clients can be done in multiple ways.  In fact, there are many kinds of shopping carts that can be attached to an online site and expert services are also available for hire.

Granted, you will have to hire the services of an expert if you have a special design in mind for an online cart for shopping business.  Otherwise, there are many trusted service providers that provide the function of a free shopping cart on your website.

PayPal is one of these providers that has a predesigned template of a shopping cart.  They can be easily put in place on your website.  You just have to provide a few basic information bits to the service providers for smooth functioning.

For your cart, Paypal  will charge a nominal percentage of their usage.  And if you want to use their services, you will be given a unique software code.  Then, you will paste this code in your website’s HTML code.

There are options where you will be guided step-by-step by an online payment processor.  In particular, this will enable you to accept payments via your website from customer’s debit or credit cards.

There is one difference between customized online merchant software and a free payment processor.  The latter will not deposit the amount directly into your account.  You will have to withdraw it by paying a nominal fee for the transaction.

Advantages of using an online merchant account for a shopping cart

Do you know that most of the major search engines act as the starting point of almost 80% of online sales?  Concerning this, with about 4 billion internet users, the internet has become the largest entity of information for the world.

Online marketing has provided the biggest boost to the business realm in the entire history of mankind.  Now, sales are made without even meeting the seller or client personally.

Moreover, many businesses are evolving with their approach to procuring payments from their clients.  Still, trusting the already available online payment processors is advisable.  This venture will enable you to tap into the business conducted online.

Specifically, many online merchant solution providers also have a very good reputation for creating a trustworthy shopping cart.

They have state of the art security systems and authentication methods.  As such, fraud and usage of unfair means for using the site’s cart for shopping has the least possible occurrence.

Importance of an internet payment gateway

A shopping cart needs an online gateway for payment.  This is so that the online businessman can make payments for a purchase or accept a payment from a client.  This phenomenon is called e-commerce.

To make it easier to understand, e-commerce can be better understood if compared to a simple transaction.  For instance, a transaction made in a grocery store.

The client hands over his card to the clerk for their shopping cart at the check-out counter.  The card is swiped and checked for authenticity.  If there is no issue in the card, the amount to be paid is deducted from the card.

Ecommerce tips

The same process is done in the Ecommerce world.  Only this time, there is digital information.  This is in the form of CVV number, card’s owner, and card number.  It is sent forward by the client for his online shopping cart, and these details are verified.

If the verification process is successful, the payment is made and the transaction is completed.  However, this process can sometimes be completed within seconds, and sometimes it can take days.

Most of the time, shopping carts for online business are available on safe and secure online gateways for payments.  As a client, you can start by looking for the “s” in the link right after “Http”.

But still, the vulnerability is there and hence the question arises.  Is there a difference if I make my own internet payment gateway in-house?

The answer is perhaps yes.

This initiative will have 2 major advantages.  First, if your client is a regular user of the internet, he will feel safer while transacting.  This is because he will understand that you have gone to extra lengths for security.

The second advantage is that your website will have a cleaner and nicer look.  Namely, there will be no ads or logos from the third party like PayPal, etc.

Opening an online merchant account for a shopping cart

An online merchant account can be opened by going through a rather easy process.  The account is basically called a “Payment Gateway”.

Your web developer will be responsible for incorporating the payment gateway into your online site.  Anyhow, it is not necessarily deemed to have an online cart for shopping.

The shopping cart is just like the one pushed around by customers in the supermarket.  In other words, it is checked-out item wise at the counter.  The only difference here is that it is online or virtual.

You also have the option to either link the payment gateway to your business bank account or keep it separated.  VISA and MasterCard are mostly linked with payments made through credit cards.  This is also an option you can choose while setting up your gateway for payments.


With online business solutions understood for a cart, you get an opportunity to expand your business.  Albeit, you can take it to your customer’s doorstep instead of waiting for him to visit your shop.

Just keep in mind, an online payment system and an online shopping cart gives you the added benefit of allowing your clients to shop for multiple items in a single place with as little effort as a finger swipe.