standard A Newbies Guide To Presentation Tips For Videos And Meetings


Here are presentation tips for newbies that can improve your image while giving a presentation to your colleagues or viewing audience.  These presentation tips can be very helpful when planning videos or meetings.

Presentation Tips For Newbies

With that in mind, your client invests their money by hiring you and expects a big return which should be obvious and fair.  They expect a presentation that is engaging and interesting.  One that viewers will be drawn to divert their attention towards the content of the presentation.

If you want your client to be satisfied with the presentation, you need to assess and satisfy the ultimate viewing audience.  Distraction during a presentation is something routine and is a tricky challenge that comes with the task.  This can make your client suffer a loss which is never going to be your intention.

The sad thing is that most of the times when such an incident happens, the reason is not the content of the presentation.  It is the lack of attention of the viewers.

Therefore, keep in mind, most of the task in making an effective presentation for video or a meeting is involved with the environment and the experience you provide to your audience.  Usually, a group or a crowd is the audience of a presentation.

It may be an online video or a physical meeting. As such, you need to know the presentation tips you can use to grab and hold their attention throughout the presentation.

The following 5 useful presentation tips will help you to be well on track in making a memorable presentation for your viewers.

1)  The Video Deserves To Be Seen

If you are making a video presentation, make a presentation that is memorable.  One that has a vivid impression in the minds of the audience.  Considering a monitor or a TV as the medium for a video presentation is never going to pay off.  That should be avoided.

The best alternative here is a video projector.  You can rent out one or consider purchasing one permanently as well.  The bigger the screen, the better the effect!  This is one of the most essential presentation tips you should always follow.

If your audience counts up to 25 or so people, you can rely on a projector screen of 4 by 6 feet.  For people more than 25, you can consider a 6 by 8 feet projector screen or bigger.  The quality of the projector also has a noticeable importance and can be improved at any given time.

2)  The Video Should Sound Loud Enough To Be Comfortable

The next important presentation tip is the essential partner of a good video – sound.   So, you have made an awesome video presentation.  But you lack a good quality sound system.   Therefore, your client is not going to be happy about it.

Even if the video has only some light background music and sound effects, they should sound crisp.  The audience should be able to feel the message in full.

Portable speakers can perform well in a small room.  But if your venue is large, it is highly recommended that you avail of a sound system.  One with excellent quality.

Remember!  Placement of the speakers around the venue is also very important as it can multiply the effect in manifolds.  Ask your stereo expert to pay attention to the positioning.  Also, the angles of the speakers for the best output and effect.

3)  Lights

While watching a movie in the theater, the lights are either turned off or dimmed away.  This is not only to increase your concentration.  But the visibility of the screen is also appreciated by the dark.

In order to implement the same idea in your video presentations, you can duplicate the process and turn off the lights while starting the presentation.  The better way will be to decrease the intensity of the light and fade it away.

Another advantage of this effect is that the audience can comfortably react to the emotional and humorous sections of the presentation.  This also allows you to send your message clearly across the room and make your presentation effective.

This is an essential tool for presentations and that’s why it has a place in our list of effective presentation tips.

4)  Practice Your Presentation

This is something so important that it should have slots in every tutorial for presentation tips.  Always go through your schedule of events in your presentation multiple times.  Be aware and confident about all the transitions, queues, and switching of inputs, etc.

Discuss the entire process with anyone working with you.  This is so that everyone is aware of the situation and knows their role to be done at the exact time.

For a video presentation, timing is everything.  You may not be used to the equipment.  As a result, you will be searching for the correct input button during the presentation.  Afterward, you might end up with a blunder or worse.

5)  Introduce Temperature Effect

Every presentation can improve its effectiveness if the audience is completely comfortable during the presentation.  This effect is appreciated by altering the temperature of the room and also considering light temperatures.

Maintain a good temperature of about 60 degrees.  With that, your audience will be active and all energetic during the presentation.

If your room is too warm, you can expect the audience to go lazy and get cozy.  This will make them lose their focus and ultimately, the presentation is a lost cause.

You want to be able to grab and hold the focus of your audience during a video presentation.  Then, this is one of the most useful presentation tips.

Your room may be too warm and your audience too comfy.  As a result, you might not even get a well-deserved applause which is sometimes very nerve-wracking.  So, keep in mind the temperature of the room is important.

Presentation Tips – Conclusion

Sometimes people believe that they must gain firsthand experience to learn something.  This is not a wrong statement, but if you can avoid making certain mistakes that have been tested over time and documented by others, that can be called a freebie.

Apply these presentation tips to your video or meeting pitch.  As a result, you will see the ease.  And experience a new level of confidence while delivering your video or meeting presentation.