standard A Manicure Service For Work-At-Home Moms


Are you a mom searching for a unique career? One that can also be fun? Well then look into a manicure service for work-at-home moms. Being a licensed cosmetologist or becoming one can be to your advantage. It can be more relaxing to have a manicure salon experience in a home environment.

Low cost setup for a manicure service

You can set up a manicure service in your home or a manicure traveling service. You start up this business with little capital and expect great returns.

The first thing for a manicure service for work-at-home moms will be to acquire a license to manicure nails. That is, if you don’t already have one. You will have to post your license in your business place. Also, post duplicate copies in case the original copy is lost or damaged.

However, if you do a travel manicure service, a copy of your license will have to travel with you always.

You will also need to have a system for bookkeeping to enable you monitor your income before you begin. Computer programs such as QuickBooks can assist you to monitor your money flow. You can also do it manually in a traditional ledger.

Keep all receipts for tax time

Likewise, appointment books and receipts are very important for a manicure service for work at home moms. Finally, obtaining a business telephone line is an important step in setting up yourself in your field as a professional.

The next important step is to figure out a way of packing all supplies in a convenient manner. Then, you can easily move with them to your client’s house.

Organize a travel case of supplies

You’ll need to move with things like polish colors, manicure tools, appointment book, and nail polish remover. Always have a receipt book and necessary supplies like extra towels and cotton balls.

Not everyone can travel to a client’s home. Those who have a travel manicure service enjoy more benefits. From a customer point of view, it is much more convenient when you go to them.

There is a major problem with getting a manicure out of the home for your client. That is she has to find her way back home while trying to avoid ruining the fresh polish. On the other hand, you can take the job to your client’s home. Then, she won’t risk destroying her nails on the way home because she is already home.

A quick manicure course is available

Although, technically, you won’t be a work-at-home mom when offering a traveling manicure service. It can be an excellent business if your children are in school. You stand to gain a lot if you take the manicures to clients’ homes. Thereby, you will be reducing the population of people going in and out of your own home.

Further benefits include the ability to use your mileage as a tax write-off. Keep accurate records of how much you drive for the sake of business. A manicure service for work at home moms may leave you feeling isolated. Leaving the house to do manicures in your clients’ houses can be a break in your day.

Get creative with advertising

You can employ several means to advertise your business. You may drop your business cards at local laundromats, gift shops, convenience stores and daycare centers.

Flyers can also be put up at bulletin boards all over town. Network with already existing contacts. For example, the parents at your children’s school, your husband’s colleagues and your old colleagues.

Spread the word, be excited about it. Let people know that you are starting up a manicure service. Before long, you will have a list of steady customers. People you manicure on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Setting up a manicure service can be an opportunity to work-at-home. You will be doing something you enjoy simultaneously. Why pay heavy for a chair at a salon when you can start your own business. A manicure service for work-at-home moms can earn the income and job flexibility that you deserve.