standard A Comprehensive Guide To Write An E-book Fast


Want to write an e-book in the shortest time possible? Then, consider this comprehensive guide to write an e-book fast. Writing an e-book and getting it out there is really not as scary as it seems.

Sure, you will have to make your research and get your fact sheets handy. You will need to do all this before getting your keyboard busy. With your book ready, you sure want to monetize. So, here’s where sites like ClickBank and CJ Affiliate come in.

Think about your ideas before you take the plunge. Remember that you need to write an e-book about not what you want but what people want to read. And, research has it that most people surf the internet looking for information with the “how to” and similar keywords. So, you should really think of writing something around that space.

For a faster turnaround, you could write an e-book on something you are really good at and let distributors like ClickBank handle the rest for you. Just realize that a single book will likely not make you the next millionaire in town right off the bat.

Although, writing a book positions you to earn valuable commissions in the long run. And once you write one, it becomes simply easier to write subsequent books. As such, here are more ideas on how to write an e-book.

Focus on your audience when you write an e-book

This is really a no-brainer. Without an audience in mind, your book will be more “generalized” than “specific.” And, this does little in positioning you as an expert in the chosen topic. As such, you need a laser focus on a key question.

This makes your target audience more willing to cash in on your book since it addresses their problems. Important considerations are the geography of your audience, their core problems and your answers, industry-specific facts and proven results.

For instance, your book could focus on helping wannabe freelance writers market their services. Thus, you go with a title that talks about “getting investors”. Then, you obviously won’t be helping to ramp up sales from teeming writers no matter how helpful your  book is.

Have a great author blurb

Remember you have to come across as an expert when you write an e-book, so your author blurb must reflect the same. Do you have any important recommendations, publishing credits, expertise and experience? Then, let your readers know them.

If you don’t know how to go about this, no worries. Simply give an insight into why your book is vital for your readers, its advantages and proven benefits. Get testimonials if available.

It will be helpful to look up on Amazon to see how bestsellers present their “blurb” content.  You can then go over this to get a good idea of what to include in yours.

Table of contents

Another important thing you want is to have a table of contents that grabs the attention of readers. You should have great chapters and equally captivating subtitles. Then, you make it easy for readers to want to continue reading your book.

In particular, you can have a look at the structure and contents of well written best sellers. This can give you an idea of how to write an e-book with a table of contents that gets attention.

After you have written your e-book, it is vitally important to make your work visible to all. So, you need to know the best practical ways to market books online. A few internet searches will help you create an outline for how to go about marketing your e-book.

All and all, this information basically tells you the steps to write an e-book fast and publish it in the shortest time possible.