standard A Complete Guide To Make A Good Income Cleaning Houses


You may want to know how to make a good income cleaning houses and yes, good money. That is if you don’t mind cleaning. Furthermore, this choice can pay the bills and help you and your family eat well. For one thing, it could even give your family a great Christmas, summer vacation, or college money.

These days, to make a living is becoming hard as prices of things are going higher and higher and yet, we need these things every day. Anyhow, you can get some side income from minimum wage jobs but it doesn’t always go far enough to make ends meet. Making about $32 in 4 hours (minimum wage) versus $100 for 4 hours cleaning houses, which is the going rate, is a notable difference. Therefore, can you see how you can make a good income cleaning houses?

Actually, the cleaning business can be categorized into two types. There is commercial cleaning and then there is residential cleaning. In fact, the profession of cleaning houses well is an in demand skill. Moreover, a lot of individuals are too busy to clean their homes. At any rate, they very much want to come home to a clean house. So, they hire individuals that make house cleaning their profession to clean up their messy homes.

Make a good income cleaning houses

Individuals seeking house cleaning earn a considerable amount of money. Thus, they wouldn’t find it difficult to pay you 50 dollars for a 2 hour cleaning job in a day. Cleaning and arranging a home can take up to one or two hours following a routine that has been established. Thus, you can increase the hours you work per day and clean two residential houses in 4 hours, 5 days a week to make a good income cleaning houses.

Then, you could be earning yourself about 2000 dollars per month part-time while being your own boss. You are cleaning and organizing another person’s home for 4 hours everyday (5 days per week) which earns you very good part-time money. I know of women who do this while their children are in school.

You will need about 500 dollars to purchase supplies, tools, permits and bonding before you can start up your cleaning business. On the other hand, think about how much money you will gain by spending this money.

Below is all the information that will be necessary for starting your cleaning business appropriately. These steps are to help and protect you to make a good income cleaning houses. This is to avoid facing any potential difficulty or problems afterward.

Steps to help you earn your maximum income

Firstly, you need to be registered when starting a cleaning business in your state. It is illegal and punishable if you are earning an income and you are not paying your taxes. Heed to all the rules and regulations laid down by the IRS so that you won’t be caught and be guilty of cheating the government.

Also, when you register your company, ensure that your company is registered as a limited liability company (LLC) to protect your resources. With this, you’ll come out ahead to make a good income cleaning houses.

Enlisting your company as a limited liability company is just a means of protecting your company from any lawsuit. You should protect yourself by registering your company as an LLC company because anything might come up in your work process. You could be held responsible if anything came up missing.

Even more, there might be a fire accident while you are at your job. You might just be held responsible for what you are not responsible for. Setting up an LLC might cost around 100 dollars, but the money should not be any problem compared to the risks involved.

Then, you will also need to be insured to make a good income cleaning houses. Accidents might happen. For instance, an acid type cleaner might spill on your client’s new hardwood and eventually get stained, or destroy your client’s counter top. These accidents occur, and so, all you need to do is call your insurance company and ask for quotes. Let them know you are checking around for the best price for your company coverage.

Build long term clientele with word of mouth

The next thing that will be required of you to make a good income cleaning houses are people that will be ongoing customers. You will need clients that will buy your services. You might feel discouraged when you don’t have clients, but all you need is to let a lot of people know about your job.

There is always somebody who knows someone that is looking for their house to be cleaned on a part-time basis. Then, you slide into their schedule. That’s how it works.

Advertising ideas

Also, with as little as $75, you can advertise your service through a small local ad in a weekly newspaper. Here is another way that you can make your business known to people. You can also get magnetic signs that can easily stick to your vehicles.

Another idea is to design flyers and posters with your personal computer to make a good income cleaning houses. Then, start sharing these with folks in a middle class or upper-class area of your town. You might need to read all rules and regulations about fliers and posters before carrying on with this task.

Have a conversation with your client when you are called for your services. Let them know what services you are willing to offer so you will make a good income cleaning houses. Furthermore, you need to make inquiries about the size of the area to be cleaned. Also, how and when they need the cleaning to be done.

Prepare your supplies

You may need to make a visit to the store and get some specific cleaning materials after you have gotten all these details. Hopefully, you have already, somewhat, prepared your supplies to make a good income cleaning houses.

In any case, some necessary cleaning materials that you will be needing are surface cleaners, cleaning towels, a mop & a mop bucket, and a vacuum cleaner. Also, you will need window sponges, bathroom cleaning products, other tools and materials to make a good income cleaning houses.

You are ready to start a business and go to work when you have all these things listed above. Being your first job, you’ll have to impress your client by doing some extra good work. Remember, that ‘first impression lasts fast’. You might get more referrals once your client is satisfied with your job. You could get more jobs quickly to make a good income cleaning houses.

So, on the other hand, if you do a bad job, you might lose customers and be out of business in a short while. Be of good integrity to make a good income cleaning houses. Know how to communicate well with your client and don’t be too extravagant when you are billing your client. You can write out your bill on paper. It doesn’t necessarily need to be typed by a professional. Just make your bill clear and presentable to your client.

On the whole, you will make a good income cleaning houses as long as you do a good job. You will definitely have the clients you need to be your own boss as there is a growing demand for cleaning houses well.