standard A Beginners Guide to Start A Paid Membership Site


One of the top online business models in today’s world is owning a paid membership site.  And a lot of people want to own a paid membership site because of the many benefits it offers than other business types.  Therefore, if you want to know the benefits of owning a paid membership site, continue reading this post.

Advantages of a paid membership site

Constant stream of income

This type of online business has three main advantages and having a constant stream of income is one of them.  In fact, you can earn as much as a CEO of a company without the stressful responsibilities that usually come with it through a paid membership site.

Paid membership websites receive payments from users or subscriptions.  Moreover, the payments are set for a particular amount of time, normally by month or year, for a particular service.

Here is an idea of how much you can earn from this business model.  Picture you have 150 persons subscribe to your website for $25 per month.  As a result, you stand to make $3750 each month, a steady cash flow for months to come.  This occurs provided your subscribers are satisfied with what you have to offer and continue to subscribe.

Do the calculations; how much will you end up making after 12 months?  $45000.  A possible example.  This amount is larger than the amount some people with a regular office job can make within a year.  How many jobs can give you that kind of amount without taking much of your time and effort?

Low start-up cost

Another benefit of having a paid membership site is that is has a low start-up cost.  Notably, the capital required for a paid membership site is very low compared to other businesses.

A website design or template, a host for your website, and a membership software or content management software is what you need to start up your website.  This excludes the content you want to offer.

Clearly, you will need content for your site. And you can do this by yourself most times to reduce cost.  If you are concerned about how much it will cost you to host your website, you don’t have to be.  Website hosting services are cheap, you can pay as low as 5 USD per month to host your site.

High profit margins

The third advantage of having a paid membership site actually combines the first and second benefits – high-profit margins.  The profit you stand to make from a paid membership website is unlimited.  The money you can possibly make depends on the effort and time you devote to your website.

Starting or owning a paid membership site can be the right business for you to venture into if you are searching for a type of business that could provide you a steady stream of income with low capital.

And another good thing about having a paid membership site is that you have complete control.  Indeed, you are being your own boss.  You get to decide on the type of site you want to create and the amount to charge as subscriptions.  Your website can either offer coaching or mentoring, or contain information or articles on different subjects.

What can I do to get people to subscribe to gain access to my site?  The key to getting users to pay for your website is “specialized.”  You have to specialize, be it information, coaching, product, or whatever service.

You may want to know why?  Well, it’s because there are services that are hard to come by.  And this search will consume most or all of your time if you decide to handle it alone.  That is a major reason people subscribe to membership sites.

Select a topic for your paid membership site

So, how can you start a successful paid membership site?  To begin, you have to select a topic.  This stage is very important because it will decide your business future.  Thus, ensure the topic you choose is either interesting to attract consumers or high in demand.

You can start within your space or environment.  You can talk to friends, family members, and mentors, asking them for advice.  Another thing to do is to find a topic you are connected with. Choose something you have passion for that would be interesting to others.  It’s advisable you pick a topic you will enjoy since you will spend most of your time and effort working on your website.

Create a niche

Creating a niche for your paid membership website is the next step to take.  Starting a paid membership site is not about making profits alone.  You need to have a target audience.

To do that, you will have to create a niche that will target users looking for what your site has to offer.  Ensure your niche is unique, new, and innovative, but most importantly, not available for free on another website.  This might be difficult, but it is achievable.

Find prospects

The next thing to do once you create a niche is to find prospects.  This step is very easy to execute and can be carried out free of charge.  All that is required of you is to post your offers on different forums and message boards.

Make sure your post can be seen easily by your target audience or consumers.  Prospects can contact you easily via the private message feature in the forum.

Create a website for your paid membership site

Next, create your membership website.  There are numerous tools available at your disposal that you can use to create and maintain your paid membership site.  You can also allow a third-party to set your website up at an affordable price.  Or you can create your site yourself.

Setup an all-in-one membership management software system

The next thing to do is use an all-in-one membership management software system.  Using this will set your site up at once.  Even if you lack the technical knowledge, operating this software is easy because most of its features are automated.  This membership software will decrease your amount of work by 75%, making work faster and easier.

Decide on your price for your paid membership site

Now, you have selected a topic, created a unique niche, have prospects, and a website.  The next thing to do is decide on the amount to charge users.  Your membership subscription is dependent on what your website has to offer.

It also depends on its value to others.  It certainly has to be worth paying for access.  Furthermore, you don’t want what you have to offer to be available somewhere else at a lesser price.

Most websites charge anywhere from 19 to 70 USD per month.  Whatever price you decide to charge for your paid membership site, you should have at the back of your mind that your product or service has to be worthy of the amount you are charging.  If not, your customers will lose interest and stop subscribing.

A lot of people are enjoying the numerous benefits of owning a paid membership site from different parts of the world.  In addition to the advantages of having a paid membership website, you get to work from the comfort of your home.

So don’t hesitate, be a part of this online business model that can help you generate constant income by creating a paid membership site.