standard A Beginner Can Make Money Growing And Selling Plants Wholesale


This guide will show you how a beginner can make money growing and selling plants wholesale. The benefits of rooted cuttings will give you a great start once you understand the propagation process of landscape plants. Then, you will be able to easily sell the cuttings you have grown to a wholesale plant grower.

You can now think about the stress free way you can begin the business of selling ‘lining out stock’. This is the name given to the plants which nurserymen buy to plant in their fields, gardens or containers. You can call it liners for short.

Target nurserymen as your main buyers

Do nurserymen really pay for plants, you may ask? The answer is yes and you can make a good income growing and selling your plants wholesale to them. It may surprise you to know that nurserymen are the main buyers of plants in the world.

It makes financial sense for them to buy plants which they already know how to grow. This is simply because of the demand from the end users. Likewise, the nurserymen buy the nurtured cuttings as it hastens the growth of the plant ready for selling.

Think of growing in demand special species

Also, some of the plants they grow are a special species. They may be unable to grow them by themselves due to lack of growing space among other limiting factors. So, they purchase already rooted cuttings to solve this. Then, they plant them in the field or in containers to sell when they mature.

In addition, they can take cuttings from them if they so desire and grow even more plants for future sales. The nursery grower will now sell the plants they bought earlier when they start more plants from cuttings. The mature ones have grown into landscape size to make money growing and selling plants.

I hope this has given you the overall idea of the landscape process from the beginning to the landscape sale. This is a profitable business idea for those who would love to make money growing and selling plants. You just need to buy a stock plant or more as a beginner which will give you an abundant amount of cuttings.

You could also buy a hundred cuttings in different species which you will want to nurture and sell. Then, you can begin to plant them in planting beds which is preferable. An idea is to make your planting beds just wide enough to enable you to weed and cut from the center while putting the plants in the bed 10 inches apart.

One mature plant can give you a hundred cuttings

Your continuity in taking cuttings from the plants will make them remain fairly small and compact. You can dig them up in two to three years and put them in pots and sell them. The point is to take hundreds of cuttings before a mature plant is sold.

Another example of getting your plant business off and running is to pay 50 cents each for 1,000 cuttings. That would be investing 500 dollars. You would be able to sell your mature plants for 10 to 15 dollars each. That’s 10 to 15 thousand dollars. That is quite a return for 500 dollars. You can take your hobby into a thriving business that can take care of you.

In addition, you can have taken hundreds of cuttings to grow more mature plants for sale. There is the option of growing and selling cuttings and mature plants. A nicely landscaped yard is popular for most people. In other words, it is a business in demand.

Plant growers make a good income with this process of doing what they love to do. Their hobby gives them a great way to make money growing and selling plants. Anyone can begin now and remain patient until you gain your market to make money growing and selling plants wholesale. I wish you great success!