standard 3 Simple Tips To Create Your Own Great Ideas


Ideas rule the world. Therefore, it pays to create your own great ideas in everything you do. It is interesting to note that everyone is capable of developing great ideas. This is why it is important to stay motivated and optimistic. You may be the source of the next big idea if you are determined.

Three simple tips to create your own great ideas:

1. Get more information about the field you are interested in developing ideas.

2. Make use of idea-generating techniques to come up with some good ideas.

3. Consider the results and then choose your best ideas.

Great ideas are a product of your knowledge

You need to have extensive knowledge regarding the field to create your own great ideas. For example, you cannot expect to develop a new theory of relativity without an in-depth knowledge of physics or mathematics. To create your own great ideas, you need to go further in studying the relevant fields to discover an idea other people have not yet realized.

Here is another example. Developing a new system of transportation requires a general knowledge about transportation. One would need specific knowledge such as previous ideas that have been tried and those that have failed. You can also create your own great ideas. Accomplish this by analyzing the aspects of transportation that people will welcome as an improvement.

Get great ideas from different techniques

The thoughts that develop into inventions start in mind, and our minds function based on certain patterns and rules. This is why you can create your own great ideas by applying problem-solving tools and other idea generating methods. For example, let’s examine the “concept combination” technique.

You can create your own great ideas by tasking your mind to develop a transportation idea which combines the features planes and motorcycles. Your mind will keep on searching until an idea is formed.

It could be an idea developed within twenty seconds that imagined wings expanding out from a motorcycle approaching a cliff at high speed. Then, the wings cause the motorcycle to glide off the edge of the cliff. This is an idea that can be further researched and developed.

You can create your own great ideas by redefining problems in ways to reveal new areas that can be explored. Redefining “inexpensive homes” as “a solution to help people afford homes” has led to the creation of different kinds of new financing methods.

These methods have made it easier to purchase homes even though the prices have increased. You can create your own great ideas by thinking about ways to create higher paying job opportunities. Currently, there are so many innovative ways to create your own great ideas, and they are worth exploring.

There are many ideas to choose from

You will have more opportunities to create your own great ideas if you have a wide range of options available. This is one of the reasons you should learn the semantic ways to generate new concepts. In other words, you want to easily get your ideas understood in a meaningful logic or language. This is that wonderful great bridge between what you think and what you say.

In conclusion, if “great” means the same thing as “important” to you, then your focus should be on important areas. For instance, inventing a better clothes hanger would deserve praise. This may be true, but you may want to make a global impact with your ideas instead. Thus, you could begin to work on new ideas that would protect the environment. Even, think of new ways to put an end to hunger and poverty, and, furthermore, new political agendas to prevent wars.

Especially, you will be saving millions of lives if you can create your own great ideas in any of these areas. That could also mean a substantial increase in your bank account.