standard 12 Sites To Work At Home With A Top Legitimate Online Company


There are many people who truly want to work at home with a top legitimate online company. Everyone can learn to work online. They can work in the comfort of their own home if they want and online seekers are able to earn a good income for their life. You will also have the time to attend to other important issues.

Furthermore, work at home solutions can free you from the dictates of a demanding boss. Yes, people can create this as their reality. You will want to read on about the 12 online job sites if these ideas are familiar. Then, select the job that is suitable for your interests. Also, you’ll have to carry out a detailed research about any site you choose.

12 Online Job Sites for a Legitimate Online Company

Appointment Setting

1. Blue Zebra is a top legitimate online company. They are a virtual online company for appointment setting. They hire people to work at home for this. In addition, the members on this site do their work online in the comfort of their homes. You are required to initiate an appointment for sales professionals. This is just as the name suggest.

Furthermore, you can use your skills to win over potential customers. The positions are based on an independent contract. Also, you may also find other positions. Positions such as virtual assistance and many more.
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Travel Reservations

2. Travel Outlook is a top legitimate online company. They are a company whose expertise is hotel reservations. This is for their Caribbean and North American clients. You will have to possess some specific skills to be on board. Some of these skills are customer service related. Also, you can work from home with this job.

You‘ll need to have some basic requirements. For example, an internet service connection and a telephone. In addition, you’ll need the zeal and love for the hospitality industry. This might be a good start to work for a company that offers a work at home job.
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Call Center Agent

3. Liveops Agent is a top legitimate online company. They are an online company that offers a wide range of services at your disposal if you want to work for this company. Their services ranges from inbound calling and claims. Also, they offer insurance sales and many more.

Many well known companies work with LiveOps. Furthermore, they require educated and dedicated sales professionals with experience. Additionally, you will need a phone and a computer system at home. You can check out more information by visiting the site below.
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4. West at Home is a top legitimate online company. They are an online inbound calling service that offers work at home jobs to beginners. You can be hired on this site. Also, there are requirements are to pass through a background check. This also entails a voice test. Furthermore, West at Home emanated from West Corporation.

They are known for their giant strides in the business of outsourcing communication solutions. Hence, an award was bestowed upon them to recognize their profound work in this area. You can be a call center agent with West at Home. Flexibility is in your hands. There is opportunity to work around your priorities.
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5. Sykes is a top legitimate online company. The company offers work at home jobs in the call center business. They outsource call center jobs to more than 5,000 individuals doing work at home. Sykes also employs people in over 40 states and Canada. Employees with Sykes have retirement and health benefits offered.

There is no requirement of outbound telemarketing and no high pressure sales. They do have some part time positions but most are full time. This is to answer calls in the comfort of their home. Besides, the bilingual workers are in hot demand on this site. This company has provided a platform.

A platform for so many people to raise their income levels. The pay varies starting about $9.00-$10.00 an hour with training provided. A retirement benefit is available after one year or 1,000 hrs. Their online process takes approximately 7-10 days. They do have computer and home office requirements.
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6. Working Solutions is a top legitimate online company with the difference that has raised the bar for work at home jobs. It was the first company with their entire workforce of customer service and sales agents as all home based workers. In addition, their platform currently has over 110,000 agents.

You work here as a contract agent on a scheduled time table. They have been in business since 1996. You can look in their direction for an online company offering work at home jobs.
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Transcription Services

7. Nuance Transcription Services is a top legitimate online company with their primary focus being medical transcriptionist. They also provide training for this skill. You’ll need a wide range skill set in transcribing. You want to do well using those skills to leverage and provide excellence. Then, your services are highly desired on this site.
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8. Orion Transcription Services is a top legitimate online company that’s transcription based. Also, it requires experience in healthcare transcription. You’ve got transcription skills and need a company that offers a work at home job. Then, apply at this site. Onion Transcription Services can help you achieve your dream.

The only downside is that you must be US based. Their specialty is in the area of healthcare documentation/medical transcription. They have provided exact and also dependable solutions. This is for the medical sector in the United States for more than 11 years.
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9. Tigerfish Transcribing is a top legitimate online company. They offer new transcriptionists the perfect opportunity. This is to learn under the tutelage of experienced hands. They also render their services along the way. You’re certainly at the right place if you’re one of them. It’s for those who desire working for a company that offers a work at home job.

Tigerfish has got a wide array of experience spanning over two decades and still counting. You will have to pass their test before you gain access to join their team. The good part is they train you using a software to enable you pass the test with ease.
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Teaching Jobs

10. Ed2go Network is a top legitimate online company that is particularly beneficial to those that have a teaching degree. You can employ your skill in teaching online. Better still, go into writing and the development of courses. They will strongly advise you to merge your full time job with the services you will render on this site. Furthermore, the services rendered are time dependent.
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11. Elevate K-12 is top legitimate online company that offers a work at home job. This is strictly for teachers with teaching experience and who have a certificate. The good part is that you can have flexibility over your schedules. Also, you will be required to stay available between 8pm and 4pm each day.

The requirements are simple but you need an internet enabled computer system. You’ll also be required to get some form of training in online instruction. This training is available on their site
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12. ETS (educational testing service) is a top legitimate online company. It’s for those who have a passion for learning. They also have a passion for teaching. Furthermore, you can take advantage of this opportunity to take your passion to the next level.

ETS provides that platform to showcase your skills whatever your level is. This is for a beginner or an experienced professional. You can get involved in the testing offered to students and bring in your input.
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You have been reading this article, quite possibly, because you have always wanted to work online at home. How to go about it has remained elusive. I urge you today to take that bold step if you want to work at home with a top legitimate online company. Choose the one that’s best for you. In fact, it might just work but only if you try.