standard 12 Essential Tips To Increase Your Blog Success


Although many people start a blog, they are not aware of the tricks and techniques that are essential for blog success.  Even so, blog writing is becoming a favorite of many people as it has strong potential to become a successful business.  Here is an article that will cover all these aspects.

Become an expert blogger for blog success

The most important thing you should remember to achieve blog success is that you need patience.  In the beginning, you might not experience good reading traffic.

This can continue for weeks but eventually, if you upload quality content, you will get regular readers.  You need to continue writing with passion and your blog success will meet you halfway.

Be unique and genuine with your content and involve your readers with relatable visuals as well.  Mentioning quotes and a video can also keep your reader engaged.  Avoid copying from other blogs as this damages your reputation.

Writing topic

Remember one thing!  If you write about a hot topic, your readers will be temporary as when the topic cools off, your audience will also vanish.  However, you can keep your article alive for a long time.  You can accomplish this by adding something in the blog that will live for a while and is timeless.

Here is another trick you can use for blog success.  Lend your pen power to other bloggers and appear on their blogs as a guest writer.  You will be amazed to know that bloggers actually really like having other writers on their page.

This is because it gives the readers another perspective to read.  Moreover, you can use those particular blogs to attach links to your blogs and hence get more readers.

Blog designs have their own importance in blog success.  You don’t want to add too many visuals and prompting material.  Then, your reader will definitely get distracted from the main content and eventually leave.  Keep the design as simple as possible so that the reader can focus and enjoy the content.

12 Tips for engaging more readers for blog success

Your blog success will be measured based on user engagement and not on visitor traffic.  If your readers are not thrilled by the content, you will get a higher bounce rate which is not good.  Therefore, remember to do proper search engine optimization (SEO) for your blogs.

Here are a dozen tricks you can use to achieve the reader’s engagement your blog deserves.

1.  Make a blog design that is easy on the eyes

The design of the blog is not only limited to the use of tools to decorate your blog, but you will also have to look for many things in designing your blog.  A nice theme and suitable aesthetics are essential along with a proper word count in every paragraph and sentence.

You may have a good color combination for the blog but very long paragraphs.  As such, your reader is most likely to quit reading and bounce (click off your site).  Therefore, it is very important that you keep the reader engaged.  You want to keep your content interesting and easy to process as well.

2. Plan for blog success

Remember!  Blog success deeply depends on your plan.  You should not write about just anything and start posting it.  You need to have a plan, strategy, some goals, and performance measuring indicators.  So that you can assess your progress.  Always know where you are going so that you are aware of what is happening around you.

3.  Headings and subheadings are essential

To become a successful blogger you need to understand how readers usually select a blog for reading.  They first take a random look throughout the blog and see if they find anything interesting.  If they do, they give it a read.

This is where your headings and subheadings come in.  They break down the blog content and make it easier to navigate.  They also give a good first impression to the reader as well.

4.  Advertise your blog in every way for blog success

We live in the era of marketing.  Moreover, every business has its reliability on advertising in one way or another.  The same goes for blogging.  Get your blogs shared on your social media accounts.

Ask your family and friends to read your blogs and give their opinion.  Mention that you are a blogger in different conversations and you will be amazed to see that many people have interest in blogs.

5.  Unique content – the holy grail for blogs

It is pertinent to understand that blog success requires total uniqueness in every manner.  Be it your blog’s actual literary content.  Or the visuals and theme of your blog.  Everything will help in blog success if it is unique.

Many people chose a WordPress custom theme.  But choosing a generic theme is fine as you can make an adjustment to the usual one.  For instance, the header.  People will definitely observe and enjoy one that sets you apart.

Moreover, if your content is unique, smooth, and engaging, you are definitely getting regular readers who will be sharing your blog’s link with their friends and family.

6.  Follow engaging formatting rules

You should know that no matter what, your blog is composed of text and readers want their food for thought to be in proper shape and format.  That is why many blogging platforms and websites have these tools in place for the owners.

Proper spacing between sentences, words, and even margins have a very big impact on the visual effect of your blog.  Blog success is also dependent on how much knowledge you have in maintaining the interest of your reader by giving them thorough understanding.

Therefore!  Do your research before starting a blog and learn the tools.

7.  Higher blog ranking – good blog success

Blog ranking is a tool used by website owners to determine the worth and standard of their blogs.  Focusing on a higher blog ranking can result in a pretty good blog success.  The higher the ranking your blog has, the more influenced you will be considered among the digital world. And more influence means more readers!

8.  The power of keywords in titles

The first and most important step in attracting readers towards your blog is an attractive title.  Using SEO for the title of your blog is very important and you should give learning SEO sufficient thought.  It should be engaging enough so that the reader clicks on your blog link and visits your blog.

9.  Generate value of your blog

Providing valuable information to your readers is an essential step in achieving blog success.  You want your blog to have material that can be trusted by the readers without hesitation.  This will increase the value of your blog.  Hence, you will get more readers because of social sharing by the readers.

10.  Internal and external linking structure – a friendly help

Generating interesting keyword internal and external link structures inside your blogs can be a very good trick to get more readers.  The concept revolves around linking other relatable blog articles to your blog by disguising their hyperlinks in your blog’s content.

This helps a lot as users can use your blog as a step to reach other blogs.  If your blog is easily accessible through clever SEO, you will have the traffic of two blogs.

11.  Your page should load quickly for blog success

Remember!  People do not like pages that take time to load.  Therefore, all the search engines place such pages lower in their results.  So it is very important that you keep your page as light as possible.  That way every browser can easily open it.

You can reduce the loading speed by limiting the size and quantity of images on your blog.  Also, this reduces cookies on your page.  (not the edible ones of course!)

12.  Always know your audience

Decide whether a friendly tone or a professional tone applies to your targeted audience.  It is very important to know which writing style your readers prefer as this has a place in your blog study.  Blog success can be a piece of cake if you know which tone is going to be appropriate for your blog’s audience.

The more engaged your audience remains due to the tone of your blog, the more fluent and regular traffic you get for your blog.  It’s that simple!


In order to achieve good blog success, you need to be aware of all the aspects a blog has.  Hopefully, the content mentioned in the article above is going to be a good place for you to start your study.

Just keep one thing in mind that blog success is like a crop that takes its fair amount of time to yield.  However, once your blog gets good traffic, the passive income will never stop.  So, be patient!  Stay focused!  And succeed!