standard 10 Successful Work At Home Business Ideas



Here, you will find a list of 10 successful work at home business ideas. These are ideas that anyone can start, operate and grow from their own home. The order in which these ideas are listed is not relevant to their known level of success.

All of these ideas contain the following desirable features:

Low Startup Costs
Ease of Entry
High Income Potential
Home Based and Operated
Worldwide Sales Potential
Residual, Recurring and/or Passive Income Potential

Consulting-#1 of work at home business ideas

A consultant is someone who is expert in a field. For a fee, they advise businesses or individuals on various business matters of concern.

Many times we may feel that our abilities, skills or knowledge are not anything unique. However, there are many lacking those same assets. They would gladly pay us for our services and knowledge.

You can earn a good income by consulting with other individuals. There is more money to be made performing services for businesses.

Do you have a firm knowledge of tax, accounting, bookkeeping or similar business matters? Some folks have made excellent money when they specialize in small business consulting.

Is the computer one of your hobbies? Do you have business or internet experience? You can make money in search engine optimization and web design. You may also know internet marketing, or some other specialties.

There are some lawyers who have combined their legal experience with their love of working online. They have specialized in computer law and intellectual property.


A finder is a person who, for a fee, finds something that is needed by businesses or individuals. By the same token, a finder`s fee is the money paid to the finder. This is for locating what the business or individual required.

Finder`s fees are paid for locating money (equipment leasing,loans, etc.). You will find the need for equipment (construction, mining, etc.) searching further. Also, fees are paid to find companies for sale, personnel, or locations. Also, they find vending machines and fast food franchises, etc.

Finder’s fees are also paid for almost anything else people may be willing to pay you for. You simply need to match buyers with sellers. This is the way to earning finder’s fees.


An auction takes place where items are sold to the highest bidders. For instance, an internet auction, e-auction, or online auction is an auction where you can buy and or sell items on the Internet.

Many thousands of folks now make their living on auction sites. For example, some make their fortune from the sale of products and services on eBay. There are also other similar auction sites. So can you!

Drop Shipping-#4

Drop shipping is a method you can sell products. You don’t have to stock inventory yourself. Likewise, contact the authorized distributor or manufacturer. Do this after you make a sale. Then, they ship it to the customer with your shipping label and invoice. Advantages of drop shipping include no inventory costs, shipping or warehousing.

Affiliate Programs-#5 of work at home business ideas

An affiliate program or associate program is a method where you sell products. They are sold on the internet through commission sales. For one thing, someone you refer to a website may buy a product. You have a company which you are an associate of or affiliated with. Then, they pay you a commission.

In many cases, it’s also very possible to earn money from the efforts of the people. Ones you have introduced to the affiliate program. You also have the opportunity to increase your line of products. In fact, you can do this when you join several affiliate programs. The idea is to promote the sale of more than one affiliate product.


A webmaster is one of the work at home ideas where someone is an internet specialist. They are responsible for all of the aspects of websites.

There are areas where businesses may need to be assisted. These include web hosting, web design, or logos. You can find those who need graphic or banner design. Not to mention, E-commerce and web programming expertise is also in high demand. Internet marketing abilities can increase your income significantly.

Web maintenance, scripts, and mailing list management are high on the specialty list. Copy writing, security, and many others are high on the specialty list, also. Further, there are literally thousands upon thousands of searchers for these services.

Self-publishing-#7 of work at home business ideas

A self-publisher creates, produces, information products. Then, they sell them. Information products can be in the form of videos, books, and booklets. Also, they can be audio cassettes, and electronic books. In fact, you can find them in the form of compact disks (CDs). Also, files, private websites, databases, and other media.

The information products that you have created are unique. You now have exclusive ownership. In addition, it is one of the work at home ideas where you have control of your own products.

Instant Publishing-#8

An instant publisher is someone who sells information products. Ones that are produced by someone else. They are granted reprint (or resale) rights. Often self-publishers will sell these type of products. This is to complement their own information products.

You can even find instant publishing apps to make your process much easier. Besides, this may be your ticket to fulfillment. Especially, if one of your most important goals is to inspire others.

International Trade-#9

The International trade business is one of the work at home ideas that involves importing and exporting. Importing involves buying services. Also, goods from suppliers in another country. Particularly, exporting involves selling services. Not to mention, goods to customers in another country.

Initially, you may want to start with a target niche. Then, build your business from there. You can increase your available products. This can happen after you have more experience. Then, you will have a better known reputation. Also, starting with one area of your market gives you time to build your contact companies.

Many entrepreneurs are making a large income with this method. In fact, there are many e-books that offer amazing guidance. This is for becoming very prosperous with this concept.

Mail Order-#10 of work at home business ideas

Mail order is a way of conducting business through the mail. Also, services and goods can be sold through direct mail. It is also done through catalogs. It’s also done with newspapers and magazines. Looking further, you will find radio, websites, television, and other media.

Customers can place orders by mail or by other means. For example, telephone, fax, internet, etc. Delivery of orders can be done by mail or alternative means. In addition, a courier service for physical goods is a frequent method. This is also done by telephone, email, fax, or electronic files for information.

This list of 10 successful work at home business ideas have made a multitude of people a comfortable living. Moreover, they have accomplished this by working from their own home. You have the ability for the same success. Start, operate, and grow your own home business with one of these work at home business ideas. Learn how step by step. As a matter of fact, you can do this just like thousands of others are doing each day if you have a passion to learn.